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Auto Repairs: Signs Your Transmission Is In Trouble

One of the most detrimental problems your vehicle can suffer from is transmission problems. If not detected in time, it will not only translate into expensive repair costs, but it could also deem your vehicle unsafe. This is why it is prudent for motorists to know how to spot the symptoms of transmission problems before they become exacerbated. However, it is not uncommon to find a significant number of motorists do not know how to tell if their transmission is in trouble. Conversely, there are those who will choose not to address the problem assuming the vehicle can survive until the next scheduled servicing. Below are some of the glaring signs that your transmission is in trouble and needs the attention of a mechanic.

You are experiencing difficulty when trying to change gears

Any type of trouble with your gear system is directly indicative of a transmission problem. It should be noted that these gear problems may manifest differently depending on the type of system your vehicle has. For instance, if you drive a manual vehicle, then you will begin to experience problems when trying to get into any gear. The car may rev when you are trying to change gears, but it will not undertake the change as fast as it should. On the other hand, if you have an automatic car, you will experience this problem typically when trying to change from park to drive.

The process of moving from one gear to the next should be a smooth transition. In the event that you find that this process has become choppy, the chances are your vehicle's transmission has become compromised. If you drive a manual vehicle, you might start to hear grinding noises whenever you attempt to change the gear. For motorists with automatic vehicles, your vehicle may lurch when you attempt to switch to a different gear. No matter what the type of system you have, it would be prudent to seek the services of a mechanic as you will steadily lose control of your vehicle's gear system.

Your transmission fluid as sprung a leak

There are two main purposes why your vehicle requires transmission fluid. Firstly, the transmission fluid functions to ensure that all the movable parts in your transmission system are well lubricated. Secondly, the transmission fluid provides a cooling effect for your transmission system to prevent it from overheating. Therefore, a leak would need to be remedied as soon as you spot it.

Take your car in for transmission and diff repairs whenever you suspect a problem.