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Types of Surface-Grinder Machines

If you own a car repair or auto body shop, there are a few machines that you should have. Surface grinders cause your business to appear more professional, as you can leave the surfaces smooth and shining. Below, you will find the basic information about a surface grinder and types of surface-grinder machines available for your business to purchase.

What Makes Up a Surface Grinder?

Any type of surface grinder should have these few features. The machine should have a table that moves across the wheel and longitudinally. The grinding wheel rotates constantly, as it remains in the spindle's head. Additionally, this grinding wheel can be adjusted to various heights, depending on the vehicle on which you are working. In order for it to work properly, the machine should regularly be given coolant.

Automatic Surface Grinder

This is the basic model. Its main feature is that it is automatic, not run by hydraulics or any other way. Because this kind of grinder is automatic, it is easier to train employees on how to use. It is built sturdily and will last for a long lifetime.

Precision Hydraulic Surface Grinder

This machine is a bit more expensive; however, you receive a lot more. This machine powers a horizontal surface grinder. This kind of machine would be used in work that needs special attention to details and precision. These machines will often come in packages with several other instruments pertinent to properly completing the job. One part that will be included is the grinding-wheel spindle. The grinding-wheel spindle is a precise tool that assures angular contact and anti-friction bearings. A flange-mounted motor is what drives this surface grinder, which helps keep the amount of vibration down. The wheel-head assembly is set on a column that is sheltered, and that keeps the dust from flying everywhere as you are working.

Vertical Spindle Grinders

The disc's face on a vertical spindle grinder is designed to be used on mostly flat surfaces. This kind of machine is mainly built to remove material quickly but without much careful precision. However, depending on the piece, it may be able to produce precision work. The work will be done on a rotating table that allows constant movement. With indexing, you have the ability to unload the station while working on the grinding in another area.

Disc Grinders

Disc grinding covers more area at a time. These machines are created with horizontal and vertical spindles. These machines can do work that requires careful precision.