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Here's What Typically Happens During Auto Air-Con Regassing

As part of log book servicing, you're supposed to get your auto air conditioning system checked by a professional on a regular basis. Unfortunately, your car AC system is one of those components of your car that you might not give any thought to until it stops working. 

One of the things you'll need to do to keep your aircon running at its best is to regas it on occasion. Auto air con regassing is required because your car's AC system loses a significant amount of refrigerant each year, and as this happens, the system gradually stops blowing cold air.

Don't know what to expect during your car's air-con regas? No worries. Read on below to find out what the process typically involves. 

Removal of All the Gas From the System 

The first thing your mechanic will do is to empty out the refrigerant in your AC system. Typically, an AC manifold gauge set is used to recover the gas. Mechanics know the system is completely emptied when the pressure readings drop to zero. Releasing refrigerant into the air is illegal because it harms the environment. This is why the task should be left to experts. 

Vacuuming the System

Once your mechanic has verified that there's no refrigerant in your system, they'll vacuum to remove moisture and any contaminants that might have infiltrated the system. Vacuuming also helps to detect any leaks that may be present in the system. If any leak is found, it will need to be sealed before the system can be recharged.

Recharging/Refilling the System

This is the final step of the AC regassing process. It involves injecting fresh refrigerant into the system to replenish the gas level. Your mechanic will use a can tap to deliver new refrigerant from the refrigerant can to your car's AC system. It is worth noting that not all AC refrigerants are created equal. Your mechanic will make sure they use the right one for your auto AC system.

Many things can go wrong if you try to replicate a mechanic's role in your home garage. This is because you may lack the knowledge, skills and tools required to do the job like a pro. If you'd like to regas your auto air con yourself, your best bet would be to use a DIY AC recharge kit. There are several types of DIY-friendly kits designed for DIY enthusiasts just like you.