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Land Rover Driving and Maintenance Tips.

Land Rovers are one of the most versatile SUVs on the planet. The vehicles are not only reputable for their off-road capabilities, but also aggressive looks and performance that have made them a car of choice for many VIPs around the world.

The extract below provides a few Land Rover driving and maintenance tips that will ensure the vehicle outlasts its owner. 

Find a Reliable Mechanic

Preferably, your vehicle should be serviced by a mechanic specialising in Land Rover repairs. A speciality mechanic can quickly diagnose vehicle problems before they become catastrophic. Besides, most Land Rover mechanics have access to genuine parts since they have long-term relationships with dealers. 

Use Your Car for the Right Purpose

Land Rovers adapt to any environment. However, if you wish to push your vehicle to the limit, you should customise it. For instance, if you intend to compete in off-road competitions, you will need to enhance the vehicle's suspension and bushing. The tires must have a deep thread. For rock climbing, install a lift kit. A sump guard will protect the vehicle's underneath. 

Learn How to Off-road

Most Land Rover owners are excited to take their vehicles for the occasional off-road trip. However, without proper off-roading skills, they risk ruining their cars. Below are a few tips to enhance your off-road experience; 

  • Know your ride height and width—this will help prevent underneath and side damage.
  • Familiarise yourself with the terrain—for instance, before crossing a river, measure its depth and when crossing, engage a low gear and do not speed.
  • Take advantage of the various vehicle technologies—for example, newer Land Rover models come with terrain response systems such as mud and ruts, sand, snow and rock crawl.
  • Prepare your vehicle for off-roading—check the lubricant levels, washer fluid, brakes and the functionality of the locking differentials. 

Keep these ideas in mind when you go off-roading.

Know Your Towing Limits

The fact that your vehicle is a beast on and off the road does not mean it can haul anything. If you intend to tow another car or recreational equipment such as camping gear or a boat, check the user manual to know how much weight the vehicle can haul. Exceeding this weight could cause accidents or damage your vehicle's engine. Drive with moderation; ensure a clear view of your behind and do not swerve when overtaking.

To keep your land rover in tip-top condition, engage a qualified mechanic and service your vehicle on time using quality spare parts. Do not overwork your car when off-roading and towing.