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Top Tips When Choosing A Mobile Truck Repair Service

Do you own a trucking business? Most business owners get frustrated when their trucks break down. More often than not, they lose customers and incur losses since another vehicle has to be used to ferry the products. Mobile truck repair companies are an instant solution to this problem. The company will send qualified mechanics to repair the truck on site. Below is a short guide to help you choose a mobile truck repair service.

Operating Routes

Check the company's operating routes. Experienced mobile truck repair services will strategically deploy their repair trucks to ensure timely response to their customers. You should also evaluate the company's customer care services. As a rule, you should avoid companies that do not respond to your inquiries on time. It is an indication that they may fail to reply to your distress calls. 


Visit the company's premises to evaluate their specialty. The company's mechanics should be highly experienced in the repair and maintenance of the type and model of trucks that your business uses. You need a company that can effectively conduct electric, body and engine repairs. As such, it would be wise to check the equipment used to repair the trucks. Inquire about the availability of spare parts. Preferably, work with a company that has long term relationships with local parts dealerships and car removal services. 

Range Of Services

Inquire about the services provided by the mobile truck repair company. For instance: 

  • Other than emergency repair services, the company should perform routine maintenance to keep your trucks in excellent condition.
  • What kind of repairs will the company perform on-site? Your main concern should be the criteria used to determine whether the vehicle needs to be towed to a garage.
  • The company should have long term relationships with other emergency service providers such as policemen, the fire department and local ambulance services. They will help out in case of an accident.
  • Safety is a vital consideration when conducting vehicle repairs on the road. As such, the company's vehicles should have safety equipment such as cones, LED lighting, safety triangles and walkie-talkies. 


One of your primary concerns should be the company's response time. Some companies will refer you to another mobile truck repair service if they do not have any personnel within the area. Evaluate the company's pricing policy. Typically, they should inspect the truck and give a quote before conducting repairs. Inquire when and how you should make your payments. 

When choosing a mobile truck repair service, check the operating routes of the company, their speciality, range of services and the terms of engagement.