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How To Tell If You Need A New Heat Exchanger

Your heat exchanger (or one of the varieties of other names they are referred to as) is a very important component in your car that allows you to drive safely and smoothly. Without it, your car would be a lot more dangerous, and many cars cannot survive much longer after the heat exchangers in them give out. So how do you tell if there is a problem? Here are three of the most common signs that your car will display that indicate your heat exchanger needs to be replaced by an expert as soon as possible!

Car Heats Up Too Quickly

If, when you are driving, you begin to notice warning signs indicating your car is too hot, then you should immediately begin to suspect your heat exchangers are broken. A heat exchanger's main purpose in a car is to dispel all the excess heat created by your engine as it propels the car, and if it is broken, then the car's engine will heat up to bursting point. This is, as you can imagine, quite dangerous. Driving with no proper heat exchanger is one of the quickest ways to injure yourself. Pull over to the side of the road and call for assistance immediately; do not attempt to drive your car to a mechanic.

Leaking Coolant

Before your heat exchanger completely fails like it would have to for the first example to take place, it will show signs of damage that indicate it is close to failure. One of these is that the coolant could start leaking. Coolant is a special liquid that is used to transfer the heat from engines to the radiator and so on, so if this liquid leaks, it will reduce the car's ability to regulate its temperature. Have a look under your car when you drive away from a park to see if there is any liquid residue, and keep your nose open for a sweet smell (a tell-tale signature of coolants odour).

Cabin Gets Cold

A smaller part of most car heater exchangers is what is known as a heater core. This is the part of the vehicle that provides warm air for the inside of your cabin, where you and your passengers sit. If you notice your cabin never heating up at all during even long journeys, then it is quite possible your heater core has broken down or is otherwise malfunctioning. Fixing a heater core before the issue spreads to other areas of your heat exchanger is vital, so call a mechanic when you notice this issue persisting.