Auto Service Tip: Buying a New Battery

Three Warning Signs That You May Have Blown A Fuse In Your Car

The electrical system in your car is, in some ways, similar to the system that your house runs on. Like your house, it has fuses that play an important part in the safety and continued operation of all parts of your vehicle, from your interior lights to the radio, and even the spark plugs that ignite your car's engine and allow it to start up properly. If a fuse is blown it can cause big problems, especially if the reason behind it has not been solved. If you have a blown car fuse, then you need auto electrical repair as soon as possible. Here are three signs you should always be on the lookout for.

The Failure Of One Feature But Not All

The easiest way to tell if you have blown a fuse or if it is a problem with the battery is how widespread the issue is. If only one electrical feature is not working, such as your indicators, then that is a pretty good sign that you have a blown fuse. The problem is, sometimes it can take a while to figure out that a feature is not working, particularly if it is on the outside of your vehicle. That is why many people recommend checking the exterior of your car while it is turned on every couple of weeks, if not sooner.

Long Time Between Services

Whenever you have an electrical issue, the first thing you should try and remember is how long since you have had it serviced. Fuses are not meant to last the lifetime of your car, so if you do end up with any electrical issues when out on the road, there is a pretty good chance that is because you missed a recent service. After you have had the car checked out by an auto electrical repair mechanic, you should try and organise a regular service to make sure no other components of your car are damaged. 

Recent DIY Fix Not Working

If you consider yourself handy around the house you might be inclined to try and replace the fuses yourself. If your replacement job doesn't fix the problem, you might assume there is another cause, but often these DIY replacement jobs do not work because the wrong type of fuse is used. You need to find one with the correct amperage, identical to the one before it, or you risk more damage. If you have attempted any sort of electrical work on your car that hasn't worked out as intended, then do not let it go on for too long without seeing a professional mechanic, as you might be putting your life in danger out on the road.