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Top Tips When Buying Mustang Body Kits

Body kits are the best way to give your vehicle an aggressive or sporty look. A well-installed body kit will make your vehicle stand out. Body kits are affordable and one of the most preferred after-market upgrades since they do not interfere with the engine. If you have thought of installing a body kit on your car, below are some valuable tips. 

Custom Versus Premade Body Kits

A body kit could either be custom or premade. The primary benefit of a custom body kit is that it is designed to suit your tastes. For example, you may want the front bumper to have a massive grill and an allocation for large spotlights. Besides, you may want vents on the side skirts and rear bumper. These body kits are ideal for people with specific tastes or those whose vehicle modifications prevent them from installing the premade body kits. For example, if your vehicle has a front mount intercooler, you may need a vent to allow air to pass through. 

The primary benefit of premade body kits is that they are designed to fit your vehicle. You can check motoring blogs and social media pages to assess how similar cars look with the body kit. Most manufacturers will make slight modifications to the pre-built body kits. For example, you may want a mesh grill or an allocation for your spotlights. 

Examine The Material Used To Make The Body Kit

Body kits can be made from fibreglass, polyurethane, ABS plastic or carbon fibre. Fibreglass body kits are a preferable choice when you are on a budget. Besides, they are light and will therefore not increase your vehicle's weight. The downside of fibreglass body kits is that they do not bend easily. Consequently, they could easily break during installation. Fibreglass is also brittle. Therefore, the part could easily break if you hit a kerb. Polyurethane parts are a viable alternative since they have adequate flex. However, they are heavier than fibreglass and require intense preparation during painting. 

ABS plastic is what you will find on most OEM body kits. These body kits are more expensive and heavier than fibreglass and polyurethane. However, they are more flexible, durable and easy to paint on compared to the rest. Carbon fibre is the holy grail of body kits. Although expensive, they are highly flexible, lighter and durable compared to other body kits. Besides, these body kits are clear-coated; hence, you might not need to repaint them. However, if you do, the material will easily adhere to paints. 

When buying a body kit, decide if you need custom, premade, fibreglass, polyurethane, ABS plastic or carbon fibre parts. Remember, you can mix and match the parts to suit your tastes and budget. For example, you could have a carbon fibre front bumper and fibreglass side skirts. Look for kits for your type of car like Mustang body kits