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How to Look after Your High-Performance Car's Transmission System

High-performance cars are often fitted with a secondary cooling device that is meant to look after the vehicle's transmission. If you have such a component fitted, you need to ensure that it is in a serviceable condition at all times and should schedule a visit to ensure it is flushed. Why is this important, and what's involved in this type of work?

Protecting Your Transmission System

As the entire transmission system tends to work harder in this type of vehicle, it may have more of a propensity to overheat. If possible, you want to avoid this as it can accelerate the amount of wear and tear, and you may need to spend more on repairs in the future.

When vehicles are fitted with an auxiliary transmission cooler, the fluid that circulates within the transmission enjoys additional protection. It may flow through this separate component in addition to the forward-facing radiator, so it is carefully regulated before re-entering the transmission casing.

The secondary transmission cooler is very similar in appearance to a traditional radiator. It may incorporate a matrix of fins and plates that are exposed to a cooling airflow to allow any built-up heat to dissipate.

How Coolers Work

Some of these coolers have several individual plates stacked on top of each other and feature handy components known as "turbulators." These gadgets turn the lubricant within the radiator so that it flows in a spiral, mixing the medium in such a way that it can enhance how the heat is transferred out. These devices are fitted to the more expensive high-performance vehicles, while other coolers simply rely on the lubricant flowing through narrow diameter tubes instead.

Flushing the Cooler

When you present your vehicle to a mechanic for a major service, they should also service the transmission cooler. They'll begin by inspecting the outer surface of the device to look for any evidence of cracking or damage and look at any flexible hoses that may connect the parts. Their primary goal should be to clean the cooler's inner workings to eliminate any debris or accumulation. They will typically flush the parts using a special tool as it is the best way to dislodge any unwanted sediment.

Keeping up with Your End

Ensure that these protective devices can do their work and elongate the life of your transmission. Always take your vehicle in for a major service like this in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. 

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