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Knowing When Your Automatic Transmission Needs Repairs

As a car owner, understanding the language your vehicle speaks is crucial. Transmission malfunctions can be among the most subtle and potentially damaging problems your car may present. Whether it's a mysterious new sound or a noticeable change in the way your car drives, recognising these signs early can save you from expensive repairs down the road.

Moving From Mysterious To Manifold: Recognising Transmission Red Flags

An automatic transmission is a marvel of engineering, but a breakdown of its intricate components can lay your vehicle low. To avoid the worst-case scenario, keep an eye out for these signs that trouble might be brewing beneath the hood.

Delayed Response: Slow On The Uptake

Have you noticed a delay between when you step on the accelerator and when your car starts to move? This delayed response, or 'slipping', is often an indication that your transmission's clutch or bands may be worn or failing.

Whining, Clunking Or Humming Noises

Strange noises should never go unnoticed, and when it comes to your car's transmission, these could be the first alarm bells. Whining, buzzing or clunking sounds when in neutral or during gear shifts could indicate a range of issues from low transmission fluid to a more serious mechanical problem.

Burning Odour Or Discoloured Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is typically a reddish hue and should neither be dark or discoloured nor smell burnt. If you detect an odour or notice a change in the fluid, it often signals your transmission is getting too hot, potentially leading to failure.

Leaks Under The Car

Transmission fluid is critical for the smooth operation of your gearbox, and any drip or puddle found underneath your vehicle is a cause for concern. Leaks can be a sign of a damaged seal or a more serious issue, like a crack in the transmission casing.

Dashboard Lights 

Modern cars are equipped with sensors that are primed to light up the dashboard at the first sign of trouble. If your ‘check engine’ light or ‘transmission’ symbol is lit, it’s time to listen to what your car is trying to tell you.

Next Steps: Diagnose And Resolve

When any of these red flags are spotted, it's important not to delay. An experienced mechanic can perform diagnostics using tools and their own expertise, identifying the root of the problem. If repairs are necessary, never skimp—transmissions are complex and trying to patch a chronic issue can lead to even more problems.

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