No A/C in Your Car? Could It Be the Compressor?

The last thing you want on a typically hot Australian summer day is a car that feels like a furnace. You may be used to suffering in silence for the first few moments whenever you open the car door, but quickly acclimatise due to the wonders of A/C. However, today you're not suffering in silence at all as the system appears to have broken, so before you go any further, you need to find out what is wrong.

Why the Simple Head Gasket Has a Crucial Role to Play

When you look at a fully assembled car engine it's hard to understand the complexity within. The engine itself is actually a dozen or so individual components bolted together, and each component is usually separated by a protection device known as a gasket. Some of these gaskets are arguably more important than others, and at the top of the list is the head gasket, which separates the cylinder head from the main block of the engine.

Practical Tips for Reducing the Need for Commercial Truck Repairs

The cost of repairing a commercial truck after breakdown can be high. Therefore, you should minimise the risk of failure of the components to avoid increasing your operational expenses. The most common cause of heavy truck failure is lack of maintenance. Often, truck owners and drivers do not perform the recommended upkeep tasks. As a result, the critical truck components deteriorate, and the vehicle eventually fails. Here are some essential guidelines for preventing failure and minimising the need for expensive repairs.