Reasons Why You Need To Avoid The Curb When Driving

Often, ignorance when driving leads to problems with the law. If you are a driver, you have probably been pulled to the side by a traffic officer at least once for breaching the rules of the road. In the end, you are forced to pay hefty fines for rule violations. These rules are there to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your car, but it is the small things that are not monitored by an officer that incur the greatest damage.

Avoid Cavitation in Your Hydraulic System with the Following Clever Tips

Hydraulic systems are elemental in any construction site. From heavy loads to excavation and other activities, these machines will inevitably make work easy for you. However, you must be wary of cavitation of the hydraulic system, which adversely affects the performance of the machines. It occurs when air finds its way into the hydraulic system, disrupting the continuous and uniform flow of the hydraulic fluid. To avoid cavitation, here are some of the clever tips you can use to guarantee the optimal performance of your machines:

Diff Repairs: Diagnosing the Different Sounds

Typically, motorists will not pay much attention to their vehicle's differential, as this component is quite durable. Therefore, you may have a significant number of years with your vehicle without having to consider diff repairs. However, this does not mean that the differential cannot acquire damage. If you have purchased a second hand vehicle or if you have an older car, then you may begin to experience problems with this component.

Automotive Repairs: Warning Signs Your Engine Is In Trouble

Having to contend with engine problems is something most motorists will dread. As such, it is not uncommon to find some people will ignore problems with their engine assuming that it will simply be fixed when they take their vehicle for regular servicing. Although this may save you the inconvenience of being without your car for a couple of days, you could be causing permanent damage to your vehicle as the underlying problem becomes exacerbated.

Trailer Suspension: Understanding the Replacement Leaf Spring Types

The leaf spring is a critical component of a trailer's suspension system. In general, this module consists of thin strips of metals known as leaves; these are arranged on top of each other to form a single curved unit. The leaf spring is crucial in supporting the weight of the trailer when your rig is in motion. In addition, it absorbs the mechanical impact of bumps and potholes as well as other adverse road irregularities.

How to Determine If Your Starter Motor Is Faulty

A car that won't start can be the definition of frustration. Often, this can be caused by a faulty starter motor. To check if this is the issue, what do you need to look for? What Are the Symptoms? Firstly, you need to isolate if the problem is indeed caused by a faulty starter motor. Do you find that when you crank the ignition that nothing happens and the engine doesn't turn over at all?

Car Cranking But Won't Start? What to Look For in Your Fuel System

If you're already late for work, a car that refuses to start is more than just a nuisance. Perhaps it's been a long time since you scheduled a visit to your mechanic for a service and this is a reminder. However, until you can get there, what are some of the things you should be looking for right now to get you on your way? What Are the Symptoms? Assuming that you're able to crank the engine over, what can you hear?

Why There's More to an Overheating Car Than You Might Think

Many people think that an overheating car is just a nuisance. They may think that it is "par for the course" in sweltering South Australia, for example. Yet did you know that this problem can cause potentially serious damage to the engine itself? What should you bear in mind and how can you alleviate the problem if you suddenly encounter it on a busy motorway? Why It's a Serious Problem

4 Mistakes That Cause Lead-Acid Leisure Batteries to Fail Prematurely

Some caravan owners spend a lot of money replacing the leisure batteries (batteries that power comfort features, such as the lights and radio) in their caravans. Such high costs can be avoided if caravan owners avoid making several mistakes that shorten the life of those lead-acid batteries. This article discusses some of those costly mistakes that inexperienced caravan owners should avoid. Over-Discharging the Battery It is not good to use your battery until it is completely discharged.

Be a Battery Boffin – What's True and False When It Comes to Your Car's Power Source

If you're looking at batteries for your car or have recently replaced one, then you will likely want to know how you can extend its life in the future. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to this trusted energy source. How much do you know about the humble car battery? Batteries are rechargeable, but they do wear out Unfortunately, this is not the case as batteries will wear out over time.