How to Tell If You Have Malfunctioning Spark Plugs

Although they are small, spark plugs are an integral part of a car's ignition system. Their job is to produce the electric sparks needed to ignite the fuel/air mixture within the combustion chamber when starting the car.  Over time, spark plugs may become faulty due to age and normal wear. Old and worn spark plugs can cause you a lot of inconvenience at crucial times. Your best bet for avoiding car breakdowns resulting from faulty spark plugs is to watch out for signs of failing spark plugs.

Land Rover Driving and Maintenance Tips.

Land Rovers are one of the most versatile SUVs on the planet. The vehicles are not only reputable for their off-road capabilities, but also aggressive looks and performance that have made them a car of choice for many VIPs around the world. The extract below provides a few Land Rover driving and maintenance tips that will ensure the vehicle outlasts its owner.  Find a Reliable Mechanic Preferably, your vehicle should be serviced by a mechanic specialising in Land Rover repairs.

How to Troubleshoot a Car that Pulls to One Side under Braking

When it comes to driving safety, you need things to be very predictable and especially when you're driving your vehicle at speed. You want to ensure that it behaves the same way each time you put your foot on the brakes, to keep you and your family as safe as possible. If you're unsure about your brakes, how can you troubleshoot the issue so that you can get back to normal as quickly as possible?

Here's What Typically Happens During Auto Air-Con Regassing

As part of log book servicing, you're supposed to get your auto air conditioning system checked by a professional on a regular basis. Unfortunately, your car AC system is one of those components of your car that you might not give any thought to until it stops working.  One of the things you'll need to do to keep your aircon running at its best is to regas it on occasion. Auto air con regassing is required because your car's AC system loses a significant amount of refrigerant each year, and as this happens, the system gradually stops blowing cold air.