Knowing When Your Automatic Transmission Needs Repairs

As a car owner, understanding the language your vehicle speaks is crucial. Transmission malfunctions can be among the most subtle and potentially damaging problems your car may present. Whether it's a mysterious new sound or a noticeable change in the way your car drives, recognising these signs early can save you from expensive repairs down the road. Moving From Mysterious To Manifold: Recognising Transmission Red Flags An automatic transmission is a marvel of engineering, but a breakdown of its intricate components can lay your vehicle low.

Beat the Heat: A Guide to the Car Air Conditioning Servicing Process

When summer temperatures rise, a well-functioning car air conditioning system becomes more than just a luxury—it's an absolute necessity. Regular servicing of this essential feature ensures it performs optimally when needed most. This blog provides a comprehensive look at the car air conditioning servicing process. Inspection and Testing The first step in car air conditioning servicing is a thorough inspection and testing of the system. This involves checking all components, including the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, for any signs of wear or damage.

Why You Should Never Ignore Your Car's Differential

When it comes to car maintenance, people usually focus on the engine, brakes and tyres. But did you know that your car's differential also requires regular servicing? A differential is a crucial component that helps your car turn corners smoothly. If you neglect it, it can lead to several problems and affect your car's performance. What should you do instead? Reduced Fuel Efficiency An un-serviced differential can reduce your car's fuel efficiency.

3 Signs You Are in Immediate Need of Car Air Con Servicing

Air conditioning is essential to any vehicle, especially during hot weather. It helps regulate the car's internal temperature, making it more comfortable for the driver and passengers. However, car air conditioning systems can break down or malfunction over time like any other mechanical system. Here are a few common signs that indicate the need for car air con servicing. Weak Airflow  Weak airflow is the first sign that your car's air conditioning system needs servicing.

Is It Time to Service Your Catalytic Converter?

There is plenty of talk in the media about sustainability, especially when it comes to conventional cars and trucks. If you share some of those concerns, you may want to ensure that your vehicle is always in good condition and contributes as little as possible to the bigger problem. With this in mind, you should ensure that your anti-contamination devices are in good condition and may need to carry out a certain amount of servicing work to ensure that they are.

How to Look after Your High-Performance Car's Transmission System

High-performance cars are often fitted with a secondary cooling device that is meant to look after the vehicle's transmission. If you have such a component fitted, you need to ensure that it is in a serviceable condition at all times and should schedule a visit to ensure it is flushed. Why is this important, and what's involved in this type of work? Protecting Your Transmission System As the entire transmission system tends to work harder in this type of vehicle, it may have more of a propensity to overheat.

Will Your Car Pass Its REGO With Your Current Wheels and Tyres?

As you probably know, every vehicle owner in Australia must have a certificate of roadworthiness which a licensed vehicle tester will issue following an inspection. It's not a test of the vehicle's mechanical condition per se but is intended to be a full check of its overall condition from a safety and suitability point of view. You may have made some modifications to your vehicle's wheels recently or suffered a puncture in recent times.

Top Things You Should Know About an Oil Cooler for Your Car

Even though you might drive a car on a daily basis, you might not be that experienced with the different parts and components that make it operate. For example, you might have never heard of an oil cooler, and you might not know whether or not your car even has one. If you'd like to know a little more about oil coolers, you'll probably find the information below to be fairly useful.

When You Drive, Where Do You Put Your Left Foot?

Did you know that your driving behaviour can have an effect on the amount of money you spend on maintenance? This is especially true for people who tend to rest their left foot on top of the clutch pedal when they are driving along the road. What problems could you encounter if you are guilty of this behaviour or are a little aggressive when you change gear? Normal Operation As you know, for a vehicle equipped with a manual gearbox to operate correctly, the driver must be able to disengage the engine from the transmission from time to time.

Why Do the Terminals on Your Car's Battery Corrode?

If you're in the habit of inspecting your car's engine compartment on a regular basis, you may occasionally come across some green or blue deposits around the battery terminals. While you may casually remove these deposits with a wire brush, why should you pay closer attention and understand what's going on? Time for Maintenance As you may know, a typical car battery is recyclable and will need to be changed from time to time.