Why There's More to an Overheating Car Than You Might Think

Many people think that an overheating car is just a nuisance. They may think that it is "par for the course" in sweltering South Australia, for example. Yet did you know that this problem can cause potentially serious damage to the engine itself? What should you bear in mind and how can you alleviate the problem if you suddenly encounter it on a busy motorway? Why It's a Serious Problem [Read More]

4 Mistakes That Cause Lead-Acid Leisure Batteries to Fail Prematurely

Some caravan owners spend a lot of money replacing the leisure batteries (batteries that power comfort features, such as the lights and radio) in their caravans. Such high costs can be avoided if caravan owners avoid making several mistakes that shorten the life of those lead-acid batteries. This article discusses some of those costly mistakes that inexperienced caravan owners should avoid. Over-Discharging the Battery It is not good to use your battery until it is completely discharged. [Read More]

Be a Battery Boffin – What's True and False When It Comes to Your Car's Power Source

If you're looking at batteries for your car or have recently replaced one, then you will likely want to know how you can extend its life in the future. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to this trusted energy source. How much do you know about the humble car battery? Batteries are rechargeable, but they do wear out Unfortunately, this is not the case as batteries will wear out over time. [Read More]

Important Tips for Maintaining a Heavy-Duty Truck

A heavy-duty truck that is hauling a heavy load every time it's on the road will need some special maintenance and care, simply because of pulling that extra weight and the extra demands on the engine and other such parts. Obviously you want to follow the basics when you need to maintain such a truck, including regular oil changes and belt and hose replacement, but note a few other tips you might be overlooking, which will help to keep your heavy-duty truck in tiptop shape. [Read More]