How to Locate and Check Automatic Transmission Fluid Levels

The transmission system in automatic cars is generally more intricate than that in manual cars. If you own a car with an automatic transmission, it is very important that you at least have basic knowledge of how this kind of transmission works. This will help you gain a general understanding of your transmission requirements, so you can take steps to ensure it is well-cared for. One of the most important components of any automatic transmission system is the transmission fluid. [Read More]

Reasons Why You Need To Avoid The Curb When Driving

Often, ignorance when driving leads to problems with the law. If you are a driver, you have probably been pulled to the side by a traffic officer at least once for breaching the rules of the road. In the end, you are forced to pay hefty fines for rule violations. These rules are there to ensure your safety as well as the safety of your car, but it is the small things that are not monitored by an officer that incur the greatest damage. [Read More]

Avoid Cavitation in Your Hydraulic System with the Following Clever Tips

Hydraulic systems are elemental in any construction site. From heavy loads to excavation and other activities, these machines will inevitably make work easy for you. However, you must be wary of cavitation of the hydraulic system, which adversely affects the performance of the machines. It occurs when air finds its way into the hydraulic system, disrupting the continuous and uniform flow of the hydraulic fluid. To avoid cavitation, here are some of the clever tips you can use to guarantee the optimal performance of your machines: [Read More]

Diff Repairs: Diagnosing the Different Sounds

Typically, motorists will not pay much attention to their vehicle's differential, as this component is quite durable. Therefore, you may have a significant number of years with your vehicle without having to consider diff repairs. However, this does not mean that the differential cannot acquire damage. If you have purchased a second hand vehicle or if you have an older car, then you may begin to experience problems with this component. [Read More]