Why the Simple Head Gasket Has a Crucial Role to Play

When you look at a fully assembled car engine it's hard to understand the complexity within. The engine itself is actually a dozen or so individual components bolted together, and each component is usually separated by a protection device known as a gasket. Some of these gaskets are arguably more important than others, and at the top of the list is the head gasket, which separates the cylinder head from the main block of the engine. [Read More]

Practical Tips for Reducing the Need for Commercial Truck Repairs

The cost of repairing a commercial truck after breakdown can be high. Therefore, you should minimise the risk of failure of the components to avoid increasing your operational expenses. The most common cause of heavy truck failure is lack of maintenance. Often, truck owners and drivers do not perform the recommended upkeep tasks. As a result, the critical truck components deteriorate, and the vehicle eventually fails. Here are some essential guidelines for preventing failure and minimising the need for expensive repairs. [Read More]

What You Need to Consider If Your Car Doesn't Want to Go Into Gear

Have you ever jumped into your front wheel drive car ready for your journey to work and found it very difficult to engage first gear? Sometimes, you may get going and find that second gear is similarly stubborn. What could be going on here, should you be worried and what can you do? Where to Look First This is quite a common problem and, surprisingly, more so when the mercury drops in winter. [Read More]

Why You Need to Act If You Suspect Power-Steering Problems

If you drive an older car, you may be used to the odd, strange noise here or there and simply get on with driving. However, some of these unusual noises should warrant your attention, as they can lead to very significant problems. If you notice a "whining" noise when you turn the steering wheel, what could this be, and what should you do? Identifying the Likely Cause Usually, the whining noise coming from underneath the bonnet when you turn the steering wheel is an indication of problems with the power steering. [Read More]