The importance of taking care of your vehicle's differential

A car's differential plays an important role in its road performance. Here is a brief explanation of this component's main function, along with some advice on how to keep it in good condition.  The primary function of a differential When a vehicle turns a corner, its outer wheels must rotate at a faster speed than its inner wheels, in order to compensate for the additional distance they need to travel during this manoeuvre. [Read More]

How a Simple Test Can Help You Find Out If Your Wheel Bearings Are Faulty

When you suspect that there's something wrong with your car's drive-train, you may immediately assume the worst and think that you need a transmission overhaul. However, it could be something as relatively simple as your wheel bearings. What are they, what do they do and how can you tell if they need attention? What Bearings Deal With Wheel bearings are an essential part of your car and they're very precisely designed to achieve several outcomes. [Read More]

New Car Owner: How to Change Your Car's Air Filter

If you have recently bought your first car, you may want to carry out as much of the servicing and maintenance as you can. Unfortunately, due to technological advancements and in-car computers, a lot of the fine tuning will need to be carried out at an auto garage. However, there are still some car servicing tasks you can perform at home. One task you can complete is changing the car's air filter. [Read More]

Why It's Crucial for You to Take a Smashed Car to a Top Repair Shop

If you're driving around in a car that has been repaired following a collision some time in its past, then you're at greater risk than normal. Why is this, and what do you need to think about when considering any future repairs? What's at Stake When a vehicle is not repaired properly following a heavy collision, some of the elements of the body can be misaligned, and other components can be incorrectly reattached. [Read More]