Types of Surface-Grinder Machines

If you own a car repair or auto body shop, there are a few machines that you should have. Surface grinders cause your business to appear more professional, as you can leave the surfaces smooth and shining. Below, you will find the basic information about a surface grinder and types of surface-grinder machines available for your business to purchase. What Makes Up a Surface Grinder? Any type of surface grinder should have these few features. [Read More]

Auto Repairs: Signs Your Transmission Is In Trouble

One of the most detrimental problems your vehicle can suffer from is transmission problems. If not detected in time, it will not only translate into expensive repair costs, but it could also deem your vehicle unsafe. This is why it is prudent for motorists to know how to spot the symptoms of transmission problems before they become exacerbated. However, it is not uncommon to find a significant number of motorists do not know how to tell if their transmission is in trouble. [Read More]